The 1st International Exhibition of Contemporary Art “Art Thessaloniki 2016”

“In this first important exhibition of HELEXPO – P. TSATSIS in the Thessaloniki International Fair participated several artistic groups and Galleries of Art from Greece and abroad, while interest in the exhibits of contemporary art was very high.

Among others, the Society of Visual Arts of Northern Greece (SKEBTE) and the Union of Carvers of Greece participated in the fair. The Society of Thessaloniki’s Painters provided its personalized touch to the organization through the exhibition of some works of its members.

Painter Maria Pastra, a member of the group of artists “Orizontas Gegonoton” (“Horizon of Events”), stood out from the crowd with her piece “Ta Diodia” (Tolls) made from oil in a cardboard and which refers to the very current odyssey of people moving away from their torn-by-war countries in a quest for peace. The artist with her brush and her grid suggests this stop for the passage in other countries.

The 1st Thessaloniki International Fair was organized successfully by HELEXPO and Mr Pantelis Tsatsis, thus highlighting a new horizon for the art of the world in the heart of Thessaloniki.”

Magda Karagianniotou Mystikou
Journalist / Art Writer