Communication by Maria Pastra

Dépôt Αrt gallery (Neofitou Vamva str.5, Kolonaki, Athens) is hosting on Tuesday 20th of December (19:00 up 23:00) the art group exhibition” Communion ” currated by  Κonstantinos Vafiadis.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by mrs. Olga Kefalogianni, deputy, former Τourism Μinister, Head of the cultural department of New Democracy party.

Communion means encounter, contact, communication. In philosophical terms it means communication with the world of senses and surely ideas.

Dr of Art History and researcher of the University of Athens Mr. Konstantinos Vafiadis notes:

“Every artist, creator initiating from the real world in which he lives and activates himself “travels” his soul, mind and feeling to the land of beautiful, ideal forms and situations. And he does that having only as a ticket the will and inspiration and as “constructions” the image fragments from his inner world. The artist looking for the unfolding of his soul, he does nothing else but turning constantly his vision from the earthly to the heavenly , from the tangible to the ideal, from the image to the prototype according to the neoplatonic axiom. This procedure of continual search and approach of the ultimate ideal creation which forbids any “profane” and “unholy” intervention and it motivates the artist to carry it to the level of earthly reality, constitutes his communion to his inaccessible route towards immortality.

At the beginning this kind of route – procedure is experienced through complete loneliness and isolation, which can occasionally last for years. However after that when the first artistic samples of the infusion – identification of the tangible and ideal world, appear the route – procedure comes into an essence as it “stabilizes” the truth of beings at the verge of the visible with the invisible. As far as the spectators of the art works are concernced that is the spectators of the visible manifestations of reality in its fullness, these are becoming familiar with this procedure and its results as they look for purification and redemption from the fears and guilts of this world. And this is communion.

Therefore through the fragmented and doubtful diagrams of the conscious and subconscious the participant, in the exhibition, artists “activate” the visible truth of beings in such a way that it will approach its ideal model, “participating” in its essence. In that way they are searching for their communion on their route to redemption and liberation which probably constitutes their personal bet for the approach of their ideal immortality. At the same time, however the works of this exhibition constitutes a means and a vehicle of participation of their viewers towards the liberation and purification of their mental and emotional potential. Every art work, every look at this, improves and elevates their mind and soul to the sphere of alternative realities. This happens because every art work constitutes an emptlyless source of potential. An emotional, moral, mental and social fulfilment.

Communion of arts, communion of soul, communion of the real, communion of ideas, communion of needs and emotions in any order these are born and come to flesh within us”.

The participant artists are:

Evi Akrioti // Magda Apostolou  // Maria Apostolou // Antonis Antzoulidis // Kiki Voulgareli  // Maria Giannikou // Anastasia Ginaki // Tasos Dimos  // Loukia Dragatsi  // George Dritsas  // Tania Drogossi // Leonidas Kampanakis // Evita Kanellou // Angela Karalis // Magda Kourkoulou // Sofia Rose Kosmidou // Katerina Koutentaki  // Helen Kyrkilis // Evdokia Kyrkou  // Peny Konstantinou // Christina Loukidi // Spiros Litras  // Marina Maltezou  // Penny Manavi // Katerina Bildjuga – Lemodeti // Vassiliki Bloukou // Angeliki Bobori // Alexandra Nakou //Panagiotis Nezis  // Fotini Othoneou  // Stavroula Papadaki // George Papadimitriou // Sofia Papadopoulou // Maria Pastra // Ada Petranaki // Nantia Rapti // Pandora Sofianessa  // Sofia Stavrou // Stathis Sotirchos // Kerassia Touliatou // Maria Fili // Aristidis Chrisanthopoulos  

General information for the exhibition:

Curator: Konstantinos Vafiadis

Organization – Communication: Dimitris Lazarou  

Maria Pastra